It Began With a Dream

The other day, I was ready to write a query, create a stunning blurb, and just finish up the line editing I had embarked on. I was ready to be finished, to finally let this novel go out into the world. One scene was bothering me, however–had bothered me from the beginning. Originally, the plot was a dream, and that was the problem. The dream was magical, but, at times, a bit of a stretch on the imagination. I really felt, though, that I had to change the wedding scene to equal the dream, rather than drab reality. In short, the church and priest presiding over it had to resemble the gothic. So, on Saturday, I spent the entire day completely rewriting a scene, rather than working on the last of the sentence finessing. Oh and, by the way, it took me all of Saturday because I worked at the local coffee shop, which is always full of people and, in a small town, that means that I’m bound to know at least a few of them. Plus, I didn’t make it there until after breakfast, laundry, and shopping for sundries. Sigh.


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