Fantastically chiastic: otherwise known as the reversal of fantasy

I have no other words to describe my book but as a fantasy. Ultimately, though, all works of fiction are fantasy, and mine is the opposition to the genre. How could that be? Well, it is fiction, and dragons do crop up in the text, but they aren’t friendly by any means. Nobody rides them or talks with them by mind reading or otherwise, because wisdom is for those who mind their words and deride the body of obscure knowledge known as crypto-zoology.

And, in other chiasms:
To understand the master, you must first master standing under him.

Of course, I admit it that I haven’t arrived at the level of Dr. Johnson, who left lovely gems, such as:
“Your manuscript is both good and original;
but the part that is good is not original,
and the part that is original is not good.”

I’m willing to bet that editors and agents think the same about most manuscripts they view.


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