An entry from my daughter, Eva (761 words): The Dryads Of The Aur Wood

Far off in the land of Senium there was a vast forest that covered thirty leagues or more, and then dropped into the valleys. This forest was called the Aur wood. At the edge of forest, near the valley, were two very old moss covered oaks covered with lichen. Dryads they were, and they talked of things that were and things to come. Softly they talked branch in branch.

In the middle of the oaks, stood a lone tree. It was a grey skinned tree with bunches of green needles. It was a rutilus aurum tree. In the forest of aur were the only rutilus aurum trees for they were rare, being special, because under their bark was a skin of gold; real gold.

The men of the surrounding cities would often, in their greed for gold, come and cut the trees for the gold. This tree was a miracle, for no tree of yet had planted itself in the valley. This tree had, from a hewn rutilus tree’s seeds. And yet the men, swarthy and dark, came again and chopped more trees.

Then the one tree wept, for these trees had been friends.

“Alas. Alas,” he cried and called himself Amarus, and walked no more in the sun lit valley.

At the sun rise the next morning, as the sun filled the sky with gold, the dark haired men tramped in. They cut more trees than ever before and cut some trees without reason, for they were not rutilus aurum trees. A great groaning was heard in the forest, and the trees gathered together to do something about it.

Then Amarus voiced his thought, “If all the trees would labor and make grassy ropes and trip wires we can capture the men.”

This was done, and also a great store of boulders was laid up.

The next day the men came back, but they were ready. Before they had gone far, they were entangled in the ropes. The trees then took them and guarded them. The other men, who had escaped, however, took torches and set the woods on fire. The trees soon blistered and many died, and gold from the aurum trees rolled freely through the land.

Amarus was angry and took boulders and hurled them at the men. The men quailed before his anger, and his eyes lit with a burning yellow flame.

The leader stepped up and announced, “We will bother you no more if you can beat our troll in single combat.”

Amarus agreed. The troll was brought out. It was several feet high with thick slimy scales, and toe-less feet. Amarus and the troll fought to death with fists. Amarus was battered practically to death, when the troll, accidently, fell into a trip wire net. Amarus strode forward, grasped the net, and through it far beyond the forest.

The men immediately agreed to go and left in haste.

All was left in order, and in the valley where the gold spilled forth many young aurum trees sprouted. Amarus walked in peace and called himself Asher, and the two oaks continued talking of ancient lore, and here is some of what they sang:

“Along the Ripple Rover River
Fog lies thick hiding every wold
Dwarven lanterns blue, red, gold
Ripple over the naiad pools
Like piles of ancient jewels:
The flag stoned pools covered by reeds
Hide dryads toasting on dry mead:
The dwarves are frying bacon
The parties finally waking
And the coffees in the making:
The dryads feast on earthy loam
The naiads drink sweet water foam
Along the Ripple Rover River,
Of beer the dwarves drink a deal;
Then the dwarves do stagger and reel,
They click in perfect rhythm
Over mint and sage and thyme:
The naiads dance the waves of Tory,
The Dryads dance with shadowed glory
Along the Ripple Rover River,
The dwarfs’ great beards wave and wag,
A cave troll grabs them for her bag,
“Sweet meat.” she sings, “For old cave trolls.”
Along the green and grassy knoll
The trees booming voices roll:
They tear her up to bread crumbs
With gigantic gnarly thumbs:
Everything has gone so dark:
The pool’s all so quiet and stark:
Dwarves tumble free by the river
Out the lamps to warm their shivers
Along the Ripple Rover River,
The dwarves go back to their delving,
The dryads back to sing of elves
The naiads go down in the deep
The water is a gurgling
Naiads snoring deep in their sleep
Along the Ripple Rover River.”


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