Is she dead, Jim? No, her breath fogs the mirror . . .

I know I created this big set-up for several articles on health, but, ironically, my family has been dealing with a medical emergency this week. All week, at the end of each day, I decided that sleep was more important than blogging. Last evening, my husband and I put the children to bed and left our teenage daughter in charge and went out for coffee. Even though my Friday has been crazy, I do feel revived from the date last night. So, here are two tips, not just for writers, but also for the general population: no matter what is going on around you, get some sleep! If you’re married, go out on a date, even if it’s just for tea and coffee or beer and wine. Thank you for your patience. Hopefully, I will fulfill my promise of teaching writers to be healthy, wealthy, and wise tomorrow.

My one disclaimer is this: I have no medical training. Cooking wholesome food and studying natural health has been my obsession (no, no, it’s a hobby, I swear) for approximately sixteen years.

Here’s another addendum: my poems, together with my father’s paintings, are hanging on the walls of the Manzanares St. Cafe. The cafe is on the Bosque del Apache tour. Let me explain. Starting on Thursday, thousands of people have flocked to Socorro New Mexico for the Festival of the Cranes. Most of the event takes place at the bird refuge at the Bosque, but there is also a tour in town. Tomorrow, many people will be (hopefully) flocking to the coffeehouse, as well, and I will be there selling cards and/or booklets with my dad’s art and my poems. This is frightening because I’ve never thought much of my own poetry. So, please, wish me well.



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