¡Pura Brillante!

¡Ay ay ay! I just figured out how to do HTML characters for español.

The world appears to be a magical place tonight. Outside, the moon is full over a sparkling winter wonderland of snow-covered cacti. In my warm house, I’m dreaming of green chile stew, tamales, and Irish coffee. And I’m thinking of Luminarias on the Plaza.

By five-thirty tomorrow evening, my dad and I will both be at Manzanares St. Cafe, hopefully selling his paintings as well as cards made especially with his artwork and my poetry. Speaking of magic, when my poetry is together with his artwork, it’s transformed. No longer is it Jill’s plain poetry, lacking in charm. I’m a star because he’s a star! How sappy is that?

So if you happen to be in the middle of New Mexico tomorrow, follow the glow of the luminarias around the plaza and visit the artists and see their artwork. Ultimately, though, stop by the cafe, where there will be wonderful catered food, live music, Irish dancing, and my dad and I!

Someday, we will sell our work over the internet, but, for now, if you live far away from the land of enchantment, wish us well.


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