I Want to Live His Memories

Hail, hail, the night brings blogging hours! And I have no time for comments and posts. I meant to write something profound, but I’m heading for bed, instead. I must stop reading others’ blogs, writing comments, etc. I’m simply TOO TIRED! I’ll leave you with another poem from my archives.

I want to live his memories
with fingers free to mourn
his words that fall as crumbs to birds,
their scraps caught up by storms.

I want to breathe his breath, my last,
inside the heart of wind,
the taste of rain a teasing sense
that lingers in my mind.

I want to view his city’s streets,
the windows dark and cold,
with fires burning inwardly
for lighting up the stones.

I want to disappear tonight
inside his vacant house,
where time waits in his empty suit
that shivers on the couch.

I want to hear him whispering
in notes that signal death;
they stretch beyond the willow twigs
that rattle in the hearth.

To live in death, I hold my breath.
I knock on doors shut tight
and wait for lock-pick bands of light
to throw those hinges wide.



  1. As for posting poetry more frequently, I would do so up to say 75-100 poems, then you should take those down and publish them, and put up new ones, etc. Once you publish your work, however, you should not post them on the web again.

    Just my thoughts on it.

  2. Gordon, I've never considered publishing my poetry. I suppose I could give it a few thoughts, but I'm really tired right now–not sure I'm up to it.

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