Whatever Shall I Do?

I meant what I said on my Female Quixote blog, that I would combine it with my Writing World, that it would be filled with New Mexico and wine and love and Spanish; history and English and poetry and faraway places. My problem is this: I am faraway right now. I’m in a waiting period in my busy life. That is, I’m waiting for many things, but I’m still busily plodding along in my ox-like manner. Meanwhile, I’m agitated and unfocused and having difficulty writing blog posts. What am I waiting for, you ask? I won’t distress you with the particulars of my life. I’ll only tell you that, as far as my writing world, I’m waiting on a full manuscript that I have out with an agent, and I’m waiting for the next piece of magic to inspire me to write a new book, aside from my noir, a new book like the last one that will carry me through a year and a half on continuous writing and revision.

I need a plan; really, I do. I need a good plan, one that I’m able to stick with, lest I lose what little readership I have. I will think on this and try to find a plan that is workable.

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  1. Good for you sending it out to an agent. I need TIME to write. I have plenty of ideas. Too many actually.

  2. Yes, I suffer from too many ideas, too, but usually there is one magic one that supercedes the others. That's the hope, anyway. And yes, I'd love to have time to write! I'm so busy with children and homeschool that sometimes I can't think straight.

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