Anybody For a French Mr. Darcy?

This will be a quick post because I’m exhausted from spending the day in Albuquerque. I had a great time, though, visiting friends who were attending the ASECS (American Society for Eighteenth Century Studies) conference. When I arrived, they had just attended a panel asking the question, “Why is there no French Mr. Darcy?”

I think it’s fairly obvious that Mr. Darcy can’t be anything but British. But maybe I’m wrong. What do you think? Oui or No? If your answer is yes, whatever is he like? Is he as serious as his British counterpart? Does he moodily linger in the dark corner where the pianoforte rests, ready to avoid people by playing melancholy airs?



  1. Oh, so now we have to have a French Mr. Darcy? We may as well have a gay Mr. Darcy….or how about a MS. Darcy?

  2. Well, anon, I did say that I couldn't imagine Mr. Darcy being anything but a British guy. I didn't think I would have to specify the guy thing, but, alas, I can just imagine, now, somebody turning Darcy into a taciturn Ms.

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