My Life According to Jeeves and Wooster

I love the poet, Pope. I am, admittedly, a huge fan. After reading Sophie Gee’s novel, Scandal of the Season, I fell even further in love with the poor hunchback. Often, I turn to to his words when I’m at a loss, when I’m tired, when it’s late, and I need to sleep. But then I remember this sage conversation between Jeeves and Wooster:

Jeeves: Feminine psychology is admittedly odd, sir. The poet Pope made frequent…

Bertie Wooster: Oh, never mind about the poet Pope, Jeeves.

Jeeves: No, sir.

Bertie Wooster: There are times when one wants to hear all about the poet Pope and times when one doesn’t.

Jeeves: Very true, sir.

Very true, indeed. Thank you, P. G. Wodehouse. In case you’re wondering, this conversation takes place in the book, Thank You, Jeeves.


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