Life in the Wilderness, or the Desert

I’m currently following the exciting adventure of my own life.  Lately, I’ve been lost in the sequel I’m writing to my book Franklin’s Ladder.  For about a year after I wrote FL, I was completely opposed to writing a sequel.  Then an idea occurred to me, and it wouldn’t let me be, so I’m writing it.  I’ve posted the first chapter on my author site, and it’s a rough draft for sure, but I’d like to hear from you, what you think of it.  Is it engaging?  The place where a novel starts is often difficult to pinpoint.  You’ll find it here.

It’s summer for us, of course, and that means a lot and very little at the same time.  I’m still busy with my four children and my less-than-happening garden.  We are also building our house.  We are through our home-school year, however, and that means I feel lazy.  So do my children, apparently.  This morning, I caught my 12-year-old daughter lazily sitting at the cleared breakfast table, reading a book and drinking coffee.  Yes, you heard that right–my daughter was drinking coffee.  Granted, it was regular drip-pot strength coffee in an espresso cup, but it was coffee nonetheless.

I told my children to go outside and play with the rattlesnakes, squish their toes in the pond, and catch bullfrogs.  I think they went out and rode their bikes.  I went out and stared with longing eyes at what will someday be my east-facing porch.

Tomorrow I will post the latest chapter of New Mexico Noir.  Today, I’ll leave you waiting for it.



  1. I don't know what your weather is like where you are, but it's so darned steamy here that general lassitude is the only appropriate mode of operation. Hope you enjoy your lazy days of summer!

  2. One of the benefits of NM is the lack of humidity. The sun is still very hot, though, and we're at a somewhat high elevation, which makes the sun feel hotter (less atmosphere, I guess). We love the heat, though!

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