Wherever Is My Holiday?

It’s my birthday today, so I slept in this morning.  Let’s not mention that I had a sleepless night and I couldn’t have survived my day without the dream-addled morning snooze.  I made a halfhearted attempt to weed my garden around all of the hollyhocks and wild sunflowers that have taken over.  I cleaned my house and ran my eldest children to their play practice.  My youngest children I sent to their bedroom to play.   I’m sitting in silence, now, and thinking about life.  What shall I do to break the monotony?  Should I listen to cumbia and dance?  Should I pen some verse?  Or should I forge ahead on my current WIP?  Maybe, I’ll give my daughter a hug, as she just drifted in the living room looking forlorn. 



  1. Happy birthday! I live in the city, but was raised in the countryside… there's nothing like tending to your garden to feel one with life!

  2. Thank you to all three of you! I did have a lovely birthday. I really have the best family and friends. The only problem with the photo above is that the wild sunflowers won't actually be in bloom until late August/early September. I should've put up a picture of hollyhocks. They're in full colorful bloom.

    Welcome, Kathryn, to my site. Good to see you here.

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