Binge Drinking is Not a Sexist Sport

I was reading the other day in some tabloid, The Sun, I think, that binge drinking is a national pass time of the British people. According to the article, it’s only been recently that women have joined in the nationalistic spirit. I have only one comment: define “recently”:



  1. I heart Hogarth! Of course, a healthier alternative to Gin Alley in terms of "sport" would be Beer Street đŸ™‚

  2. The gin problem in 18th C England was bad, really bad. The makers put stuff in the gin that made people go crazy, plus it was cheap, so the poor were the losers all round. Looks worse than a crack neighborhood, to me.

  3. How did I ever miss that one! Thanks, Rowenna. I'm off to Beer Street for sure. Everybody's not only happy, but fat and in love.

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