On Friendships and Blogging

What is the purpose of blogging?  Have you asked yourself that?  Is it to network?  Is it to market yourself?  Is it?  

I’m uncomfortable with being a public person.  I’m one of those who likes to deal with others on a personal level.  And that brings me to the point of my post.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to meet one of my blogging friends in person, and it was lovely.  Gina Conroy, blogger extraordinaire of Writer Interrupted fame, took a road trip in which she visited friends all over the west coast.  She also extended her visits to blogging friends whom she’d never met in real life, and that included me (but only because I happened to be on her route as she drove through Albuquerque, NM).  I thought it was kind of her to stop along her route and eat a meal with me before she moved on to Amarillo.

Don’t worry.  I’m not going to show up at your door or get more personal with you, my blog followers, than you want me to be.  But I do want you to consider what exactly your purpose is in blogging.  For me, if it means making one good friend, then it is all worthwhile. But if it is simply a numbers game, a contest to see if I can get the most followers, then I will lose interest really fast–as will you.  Already, I’ve felt jaded about the blogging world and asked myself what its value could possibly be to me.  It could be very valuable, however.  It could be, if I keep it in perspective.  Thanks for reading my post!  I appreciate all of you, my readers.

So, what is your purpose in blogging?  Do you find it a marketing tool?  Do you find it educational?  Or are you here to meet new people?  What’s it all about to you?

As a reminder, I will be posting a new chapter of NM Noir this weekend.  Until then, be of good cheer!



  1. It's fun to write things and not worry about polishing them a zillion times. It's fun to get instant feedback. It's a place where agents/editors can get to know me better. It's great to connect to other writers. That's why I blog. And thanks for commenting today!

  2. I agree. Blogging should bloom into a relationship. It helps cure the lonely life of a writer! Have a great weekend!

  3. Laura, yes I agree. I hope agents and editors get to know me better!

    T.Anne, yes, the writing life is lonely, at least for me. It's funny how many writers are out there writing books, and I never meet any of these people in real non-blogging life.

    Both of you–returns on the great weekend!

  4. One of the best parts about blogging for me is getting feedback from like minds, writers, and reading all types of writing. I find it incredibly helpful for expanding my style or learning about new things. I'm also not a very public person, so this works for me. Also a great motivator, since I see how much people are writing!

  5. I like connecting with other writers! I love your post and blog đŸ™‚ I'm excited to follow you!

  6. Kathryn, yes, I agree–it's great for learning and motivation. But sometimes, it overwhelms me and makes me feel like a raindrop in the ocean.

    Saumya, thanks for following me. I'll go on over and check out your site.

  7. Thank you for posting this. I have made some really great friendships from blogging. One blogger and I have met a few times and she plans to stay here with her husband for a visit this winter. I am a personal person and feel our relationships are what make our lives what they are. I have met Gina before and that is so nice you met her.:)
    If you ever come to Florida–we'll meet!

  8. Terri, I have never been to Florida, but it's definitely on my list of places to go someday. I agree–relationships make life worthwhile. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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