Vancouver Feis Coming Up!

My three daughters and I will be flying into Portland for the Vancouver (WA) feis.  We will be staying with family and visiting old friends for about a week.  My son gets to hang with his dad and uncle, which will be fun for him.  They are finishing our house project, and I’m glad to escape the stress.  Before I go, I’ll be sending off a thoroughly revised fiction proposal and some queries.  When I return, I’ll be busy with moving.

Then, hopefully, I’ll be able to return to the blogging life.  We shall see.  Family and writing must come before blogging!



  1. Any werewolves among you? Have a wonderful time! I have never been to the Pacific Northwest. Are you moving? I thought you were remodeling? What are you all costuming yourselves in?? Good luck at feis!

  2. Hi Brenna! Well, it is a Halloween feis, so one can only wonder if there will be werewolves. My eldest daughters will be wearing solo dresses of the old-fashioned variety–no glitter or bling or cupcake skirts! My third daughter isn't competing, nor am I, but we're going to hang out and hope we don't end up with post-traumatic bling disorder.

    We're moving, but only to our backyard. We have been living in a very small single wide while building a larger house–now almost finished.

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