New Mexico Noir: Serial Update!

I should spend a few moments to give an update on the plot of my New Mexico Noir.  I’m still in the process of moving, and seeing as I haven’t posted a new weekly chapter in several months, I thought a review would be best—less stressful on me and you, my lovely readers.

First, let me tell you about my new house.  It is light and bright and much more spacious than any place I’ve ever lived.  The numerous long windows in my living room, facing east and south respectively, give way to such marvelous views that I may never write again.  I don’t actually mean that, but I do sometimes wonder if writers ought to lock themselves in cells where they are sense-deprived, so as not to be distracted.  I could sit and stare at my view for hours, I think.

Sigh.  Here goes.  For those of you who haven’t read NM Noir in a while, and for those who have read no chapters, let me tell you about Ella’s plight.  Ella is the protagonist, by the way.

Ella loses her job as waitress at Manuela’s New Mexican diner.  She gains a job, thankfully, as secretary for a stereotypical private investigator named Anthony (stereotypical, as in drinks too much Bud Light and whatever else with his New Mexican suavity).  As she begins this new ‘job’, she realizes she’s not just secretary, but housekeeper and general do-whatever-he-wants kind of gal.

Along the way, the mystery of a fuchsia butterfly appears–literally–on Ella’s bathroom mirror, by way of her expensive lipstick, when her house is broken into.  Her long-time on again/off again boyfriend is murdered, and her parents have disappeared.  There is some mystery having to do with a sexy Latina named Demetria Chicken, or Gallina, to be exact.  And in the last posted chapter, Ella breaks into her parents’ house to find clues to their disappearance.  While there, she steals some of her mom’s paintings and file folders and her parents’ answering machine.

What could possibly happen next?  As a reminder, this is a serial novel which I post as I write each new chapter.  It isn’t a work for traditional publishing, but for fun.  It is fun, too–full of New Mexican culture and beauty and craziness.  And food.  I’m so hungry.  Anybody up for a plate of flat enchiladas, New Mexican style, with red chile?  Yum.


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