Writing Getaway

Have you ever taken one? I toddled over to the Motel 6 last weekend with my computer, bags of snacks, and a bottle of red. I suffered for my art, pounding away from seven a.m. to ten p.m., with the heat blower on high and the window open to circulate the stuffy, tobacco-scented air. Motel 6 seems to have a serious issue with slapping non-smoking stickers on smoking rooms, and then not bothering to hide the ashtrays that conspicuously sit on the bedside tables.

I accomplished 3 1/2 items from my checklist–complete rewrites of approximately 10,000 words–otherwise known as 3 1/2 chapters. But, alas, breathing the bad air for two nights brought on a head cold, so I think I’ll being going to bed now.

Have you taken any writing getaways? Where did you stay? Did you accomplish all that you wanted?

p.s. Physically, I holed up in a dingy room, but mentally, I was on the Oregon coast. See picture above of the North Bend bridge.



  1. Sounds wonderful! I've never gotten away for a getaway…but I do sometimes make my Saturday a mini-writing-retreat for me and hole up in my favorite coffee shop.

  2. Rowenna, I live in a small town. I'm almost bound to run into someone I know anywhere I go. I even ran into people I know working the front desk at the motel! But nobody can come in my motel room unless I let them, so no distractions.

  3. Good for you! Except for the head cold! I'm way over do for a writing retreat. I was going to take one for my birthday in Nov, but there was always something going on that I needed to be home for. At this rate, I might as well, save up my writing weekends for one really big one! Though I don't think my family will let me go away for 3 weeks again!!

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