It’s Friday! And a Few Tidbits About Me!

My Fave Music:

My favorite song in the whole world is It’s Friday by Rebecca Black! Her voice sends me in a tailspin of confusion, while the lyrics keep me glued to my seat in awe. The first time I heard the song, I was so taken aback by its rave sound that I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

My Fashion Sense:

I’ve always had one, and a very strong one, at that. I’m pretty much known by my friends as the fashion goddess. They’ve long taken my lead in the loose-look hairstyle and what color of western shirt matches best with flip-flops. For the last twenty years, I’ve also been a leader in colorful pen and chopstick accessories for the hair. In fact, I’ve even designed a line of gorgeous pens and pencils that can be worn in the hair while sleeping!

Since wearing these hair pieces, I’ve accomplished amazing acts in the bedroom! Often, I wake up to find haiku scribbled on my pillowcase! Here is the one I found this morning:

It’s Friday, Friday!
Tomorrow is Saturday!
Yesterday was Thurs.–

My Poetry:

This goes without saying! I’m an award-winning writer of avant-garde haiku!



  1. We definitely have the same musical taste although I am still hung up on Tiny Tim’s Tip Toe Through the Tulips…

  2. Eva, I knew you would appreciate it. This post was largely written for you.

    Katherine, unless you want to shove a chopstick in your hair, you probably don’t want my fashion sense.

    Brenna, that is hilarious! Tiny Tim’s Tip Toe. 🙂

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