A Reassessment in Light of Imminent Life Changes, Sprinkled With Plenty of F Words (see last paragraph)

It’s time again for a reassessment of my blog. Soon, my busyness will increase, and I’ll be scrambling to put together posts in the stress of the afternoons. And this is not to say that my summers are free from scrambling. Being the mother of four children is never easy, nor free from hassles. I’d put up a poll in order to determine what my small but regular reading audience wants from me, but I’m afraid my art and writing and inspiration are anything but democratic. On a daily basis, I give my life to others, and this is one of those places where my decisions are about what I want. The inspiration for my blog comes from that protected core of who I am inside, and it’s one of the only areas of my life that’s unassailable by outside forces. If, by this admission, I lose every last one of my audience, so be it. I don’t care because it’s better to lose readers than to lose myself.

At this point, I can’t imagine giving up my two posts a week. Nor can I imagine giving up the current formula of flash fiction and memoirs. On average, each of my posts are 1000 words. I also can’t imagine shortening this to a more easily digestible 300-500 words. I’m not attempting to appeal to a mass audience that doesn’t have the attention span for 1000 words, and I’m not trying to reach those who blog and hit on other blogs to widen their social platform and, consequently, use social media as an echo chamber: Great post! Come back to my blog, okay? I’ll follow you if you follow me. I can’t comprehend the value in that.

And now comes the biggest admission of all: I’m coming clean about my blog self-centeredness because I’m no longer in the business of marketing my fiction. I’ve decided to pursue another career path, and so I don’t feel I have to keep my cards close any longer–not that I was ever very good at that. But, because I’ll no longer be querying agents, I don’t care if they hit on my blog to do a “check-up” on me and find that I gasp blog for myself rather than for my readers. I’ve always found the idea of blogging for others to be somewhat disingenuous, anyway. At the very least, I have no idea what it means. Does it mean giving the same information, in a 300-word article, that I can find on 3000 other blogs? Does it mean reigniting the fires of the same controversial debates that cycle endlessly through the blogosphere? I have no idea.

As a summary, I’ll reiterate that I enjoy my blog as it is. I’m not changing the format, as of now, and I would never change it simply because somebody has come up with yet another effective tutorial or list on how to write blogs. I will change my format, however, as the fancy strikes me because I want this to be fluid, fun, and fulfilling. How’s that for some fancy “f” words? At the same time, I love the friends I’ve made around here, and the ones who are my friends by e-mail and Facebook, as well. I love your blogs and, even when my life goes crazy, I’ll still try to visit your personal spaces of the internet–those spaces that are about you, rather than about me. And do you know why I visit your spaces? I visit because of you and your personalities, not because of what you can give me–except yourself. Conversely, that’s what I want to give to you–a little bit of me.

p.s. I just applied to go back to school. If things go as planned, I’ll begin my studies in the spring. A new reassessment of my blog will happen at that point. I’ll give more information on that later.

p.p.s I thought I should add that I have no desire to let my years of hard work go with no substance to show for them. So if you are beta-reading my fiction, rest assured I’ll be self-publishing, and I’ll be using your advice in my final edit.



  1. Sounds like you have some exciting things coming up. I’m sorry to hear you aren’t working on getting your fiction out there anymore, but I’m glad to hear you will still be blogging. This is your little piece of cyberspace. You get to make the rules.

  2. One of my all time favourite bloggers–say uncle–has said for years “I blog for me, not for you.”

    Every blog I’ve continued to read for more than a month or two has that in common. It is a real reflection of the author’s person via what they feel like expressing.

    You may not have a blog with a gazillion hits, but over the years I realized I’d rather have 100 people who genuinely enjoy reading me than a rota of 5000 people who come for flavour of the moment and the meander away.

    I think you’re on a good path.

    1. It looks like you appreciate the same thing I do about blogs. There are numerous blogs that I’ve dropped over the years because they’re just not what I want to read. I love how you, and Jessica above, simply follow your nose and write what you want to. And, by the way, I did mean it about self-pubbing my fiction. So don’t stop beta-reading my book, please!! I need some good advice. đŸ™‚

      1. Im sorry; I am really sucking at this beta reading lately. I promise to get better. Although I was tempted to read yours in my OxyContin haze last week. Just to see what happened.

  3. Jill, I’m excited for you. I’ll bet God’s got some things up His sleeve you have no idea of. I still think you’re a wonderful writer and however that talent settles, I’m sure you’ll excel at it. Godspeed on your new endeavors!

  4. I for one, am extremely offended by the arrogancy of your tone…I have evidently been operating under the false impression that this blog was all about ME! Now that I know that you are blogging for you own selfish pleasure, I no longer care to read it! Don’t get me wrong, I still want to be your husband, and talk to you in person, but am disillusioned by this whole blog thing! Let me know when you decide to start pandering and catering to others’ whims again and I might consider returning to this blog. Later!

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