Time Travelling Through the Holidays

What would you say if I simply pretended this blog were a journal of my life? Then what would I have to say? I suspect I would give you the highlights of the holidays and other random sentiments of variant interest (I’m not really into those fixed-rated sentiments).

I had many friends over for Christmas. My best friend from high school, who still lives in our hometown of Portland, dragged her son to the car in one of her usual spontaneous fits and gleefully cackled at him, “We’re going on a road trip to New Mexico!” Twenty-two hours later, they arrived at our house. To be honest, it was too dark to tell whose house they arrived at, and so it went that my dear, old friend knocked on my parents’ house sometime in the morning to relieve herself of desperate bladder straits. It’s a good thing ours are the only two houses out here (parents’ house and my house, I mean–friend’s house didn’t fly al estilo de Dorotea por dentro del encanto).

In addition to dear old friend (hey, who you calling old?), some friends from Santa Fe and a friend from Albuquerque jumped in their vehicles for much shorter road trips. All told, we had five human guests and two doggie guests. Putting up so many people used to be the sort of nightmare that turned me into a puddle of goo. However, now that I live in a larger house with beds for all, the stress level caused by people has reduced considerably, and I’m able to enjoy my friends, who all happen to be people (or dogs) I love from the bottom of my heart.

For New Year’s Eve, husband, children, and I took our own road trip to Albuquerque to make use of our Christmas gift certificates, and then to see The Hobbit. I admit I was sceptical of Jackson’s choice to turn a short book into a trilogy, but in true Jackson form, he made an excellent film. I LOVED the first instalment of The Hobbit. I loved that he wasted so much time with the dwarfs in Bilbo’s home. I loved the back stories. Yes, Jackson allowed plenty of goofy to creep in, including plenty of silly CG, but the goofy was all right, especially when considering how it was offset by the genius of the scene in which Bilbo meets Gollum.

On an another film note, my husband and I ended our Christmas vacation by watching Looper together. It was a very well-done time travel film. I highly recommend it. I don’t, however, tend to recommend time travel films for myself because they send me into mental tailspins every time. My brain is obsessive-compulsive and always has been; as an adult, I can occasionally shut off the OCD voice continuum, but I’m still not very competent at it. When I watch time travel films or read time travel books, the OCD voice runs in the time travel circuit and won’t shut up: he kills his future self so he can live the rest of his life doing as he pleases for thirty years, at which point, he’s sent back to the past so that his younger self can kill his older self so that his younger self can live in retirement for thirty years until his older self is sent back so that his younger self…I can’t stop the cycle!!

Now you know why I suffer from chronic insomnia. I worry over these things–not intentionally, of course, but the OCD voices are so loud I can’t shut them up. This is the reason I must find areas of intentional focus, and why housekeeping in and of itself is a very bad job for me. This is also why, in the book I’ll be publishing shortly, time travel is synonymous with alternate realities that may exist, instead of eternal loops of logical conundrums.

As a final for-your-information, I’ve decided to change the name of my book from the longstanding, working title of Franklin’s Ladder to the new title of Anna’s Ladder. Anna is the hero–not Franklin–and, aside from that, I chose her name because it was a palindrome. I know–how OCD of me. Now I can sit and stare at my as-yet created book cover and allow the A-N-N-A loop to run its circuit in my mind: A-N-N-A, backwards and forwards through time, upstairs and downstairs. I can’t stop! I can’t stop!


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