I’m a Robot With Super Powers

After yet another sleepless night, I’m having trouble focusing on anything. In my defence, I may have suffered from chronic insomnia since childhood, but I can’t cope with it very well these days. I no longer possess my greatest superpower. My less helpful ones, which include a super sense of smell and super hearing, are still annoyingly intact. Due to my inability to focus, I’m thinking about my book rather than the 40-pg math packet I should be doing. Should is a relative term. It’s a test study packet–not required–but I’m OCD about completing math problems. If I once start, I will disappear into happy robot land and live there until I suddenly realize that, yes, food and drink are somewhat, though not altogether, necessary (especially when one’s husband takes the kids off to the Big City for the day, thereby temporarily removing the need to feed them or, indeed, school them).

My book. Yes, that. I have about 5 fans who keep bugging me to bring this thing to print, and 5 are enough to matter to me. I’m close; I really am. The book is finished and edited as much as I’m going to edit it. No, I don’t plan to hire a professional editor, and owing to that, I already had a young woman tell me (on facebook) that she was adding my name to her list of authors NEVER to read. I was sorely tempted to remind her that my generation, although poorly educated, was better educated than hers was, and, therefore, she would probably not notice the difference. Public education has an inevitable downward spiral effect–and who can one blame for it? One could blame numerous entities, but [this] one won’t.

At this point, I’m waiting on my cover art. I was looking at the completed product yesterday, and I thought it was amazing: woman with dragon peeking around her shoulder. However, a friend who actually knows something about marketing pointed out all the reasons it was wrong for my genre. Sigh. So, at some point in the very near future, Anna and the Dragon will be available for my 5 fans, who don’t happen to be related to me. With my relations added, I might be able to pawn my book off on 10 people. For somebody who gave up writing fiction, I’m certainly stepping up in the self-publishing world. I must be using my super powers to my advantage. Oh, I just heard a footfall….wait….it can’t be! It’s my long-lost childhood projection of a successful Jill, here to help, stepping into town 4 miles away. I must have a few other unmentioned superpowers, being insane not one of them.



  1. Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep. 🙁 That sucks.

    I actually slept last night, but this morning I still feel like I could fall asleep sitting up.

    Gee, I wish I had the time to maintain a list of authors I *don’t* want to read. Then again, if I had the time, I wouldn’t spend it on something so pointless.

    1. She was being snarky, I guess. Some people want to make sure others follow all the prescribed rules. Sleep is–I don’t know–sleep is one of those activities I love and hate. Sleep sort of frightens me.

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