Why My Book is **AWESOME**

I admit that I don’t always understand or anticipate others’ reactions. When I worked through my thought processes in my post yesterday, it was just that–working through my thoughts and coming to terms with having published my own work. I do believe I have to own my errors as the person who is solely responsible for my art. I didn’t expect my friends to rush in and comfort me and tell me not to be so hard on myself (I must have very good friends). However, I wasn’t altogether surprised that some told me that I need to become a better marketer of my work. Sigh.

In today’s post, then, I’m going to give you all the reasons why my book is awesome:

Anna and the Dragon has geek appeal. While the plot isn’t dependent on technology, the protagonist, Anna, is a computer scientist who is writing her master’s dissertation (in 1995) on the future of mobile internet devices.

It has time travel.

It has dragons.

Need I say more? Yes, I have one more thing to say, and I’m squelching my dignity to say it:

Ultimately, it’s a romance. And there’s a Welshman. I don’t know why that’s important; it’s completely incidental. The Welsh flag happens to have a dragon on it, and when I dreamed of this character a number of years ago, he came from a Wales-shaped section of an island nation. He’s not in my story for sex appeal (Anna describes him as an average man with an ugly face). But, just in case you think foreign men are really HOT simply because they’re foreign, he’s the man Anna is in love with.

I’m sure my book has many other awesomeness aspects. If you read it, you’ll, no doubt, find out for yourself. And then you can detail the awesomeness in Amazon reviews (or not; I’m not a review whor).

Okay, how am I doing on the marketing?



  1. “Jill, don’t be so hard on yourself.”

    There was one firework of a copy error in a bestselling book I read recently. It said “check” when it should’ve been “cheek”. Kissing a check is possible and may be contextually probable, but in a fantasy novel it’s just weird.

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