A New Evolutionary Protocol*

“At the same time, employers will regard supportive husbands the same way they used to look at stay-at-home wives: as crucial domestic backup, a welcome guarantee that female employees will be able to work with as much dedication as men traditionally have. The more backup that employees see women getting on the home front, the more willing bosses will be to invest in the careers of their female stars. Women’s earnings will rise. And rise. It will never stop until . . .

Women marry down, and raise their husbands up.

And that, too, will happen.”

Thus ends the first chapter and begins Liza Mundy’s strange bubbling ideology in The Richer Sex: How the new majority of female breadwinners is transforming sex, love, and family.

As I read through this book, I’m assailed by commonsense thoughts of the economic situation our society finds itself in, and I’ll write more on that later when I review the work. Meanwhile, I can’t help waiting impatiently for the moment when the evolution of humankind forces a flip-flop on men and women. Clearly, this is bound to happen. With men working at home and supporting their bread-winning wives, the nature of the world will require that women grow muscular chests under their mammaries. The women will, then, muscularly pop out offspring and vigorously hand them over to the new men, who will appear as squirming grub worms owing to the lack of necessity for them to perform hard labor or breed offspring in their missing wombs. But, then–and here, I’m getting a little breathless with anticipation–the weak men, tired of being crushed underfoot by their powerful wives, will rise up in resistance against the matriarchal system. They will fight back against the oppression that has squashed them for centuries. It will be a difficult battle at first because of their trained weakness, but they will eventually become stronger grub worms. They will take advantage of the infrastructure and system the women have created, and they will use it against them until they–the men–are back on top of the heap, when, naturally, the women will begin to shrink back, until centuries later they will begin their own resistance…

On the other hand, all this flip-flopping seems highly inefficient.

*In my new evolutionary protocol, Jill will have evolved to the point where she can spell protocol, but by that time, the language will have evolved and the spelling changed. Damn Webster and all other dictionary writers who muck about in evolution!


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