Saturday’s enticing excerpt from Anna and the Dragon:

Anna sweated profusely, and it wasn’t a side effect of too much scotch. Heat had seeped into her dank basement apartment from an unidentified source. “What the hell are you talking about?”

“Couldn’t you tell?” Franklin said. “Most women have a sixth sense for rich men, and I’m rich. I have more money than I know what to do with and nobody to give it to.”

“What’s your family’s business?”

“They don’t have a business, just loads of investments and property buying and selling. Anyway, there’s nobody left but my mother and me.”

“Where did their money come from, then?”

“Nobody knows, do they? Though my dad told me a story before he died. He said it was the same story his dad had told him, and so on and so forth. We’ve always lived in Glamorgan County, but when we were closer to Bridgend, in the 1500s, a dragon, a Welsh dragon, specifically, called a gwiber—”

“Yes, I already know about gwibers.”

“Of course you do. An enormous red gwiber haunted the forests round Penllyn castle, ravaging local livestock and, reportedly, stealing away children and women. The new High Sheriff offered a reward to anyone who could slay the dragon.”

“You’re not going to tell me your ancestor slayed the dragon, and that’s where your family’s wealth came from.”

“I’m only telling you exactly what my dad told me, and yes, that’s where our wealth came from, and then it grew exponentially over the years, quite mysteriously, it would seem, but with it came a haunting of the dragon’s spirit, which declared that the men of our family would be cursed up to the fourteenth generation.”

“And what generation are you?”

“The twelfth.”

“So, your son and grandson will be cursed, but that’s all right because the genetic defect will mysteriously disappear after that, and all because one of your ancestors slayed a dragon in the sixteenth century.”

“Yes, that’s the story.”



  1. To Jill Domschot
    When Jesus said show me a coin and on one side there was an Emperor face and on the other side was some writings of its value He always submitted to the Law of those times what was His answer , give to Caesar what belongs Caesar and give to God what belongs to God. Now this verses speaks for itself to have peace of mind is to reject all that what is upsetting in your mind because of Jesus you shall suffer so much injustice that is what He meant when he said to the apostles if we are able to drink from his challis which at the same time means charring our Cross. These days will pass it is frustrating just hold on.

    1. Albert, what then do you make of Peter and the apostles declaring, “We must obey God and not man”? It isn’t injustice against me that I’m worried about as much as allowing injustice to occur in our society. It’s really up to us to stop it. I doubt very much that God will do it for us.

  2. To Jill 26 July 7 pm
    To be honest it does not heart to fight injustice but you have to remember that we are living in the antichrist times. I use to think that some person is to be born and shall be the antichrist; what it really means is that man on Earth have given the shoulders to God and since the prince of darkness is using us as bate and by giving us the lead we are not recognising and keeping on and on by questioning the wisdom of Christ teachings and its philosophy. The truth is that apart from being surrounded by bead Spirits our own body and mind is fighting the Spirit that God gave us. Jesus said think from your hearth. Please try to understand my meaning because my English is not as good.

  3. To Jill 28 July
    There was this philosopher and he spent a number of years trying to understand the Mystery of God one fine day he was walking on this empty beach and noticed a tiny boy digging a hole in the sand after a while he asked the boy what he was doing and the boy answered that he was trying to put all sea water in the hole and the philosopher smiled and said to the boy can’t you see that its impossible to put all the sea in such a little hole, the boy answered likewise for you to try to understand the mystery of God as the philosopher for a moment put his hand on his face and closed his eyes ; opening his eyes he never so that boy again.

    1. The mysteries of God appear like a vast ocean to me already. I ask God for wisdom and understanding because I fear not having answers. The hole in the sand does hold a little water, at least for a while; that’s all I long for. Thank you for visiting my blog.

      1. Albert 29, July 2013 at 2:30 pm
        What may be this wisdom you seek you never know what you might find, if I am intruding forget this massage.
        An Email will do.

  4. Albert July7:45 am
    I do not know if you have seen the film Time Changer by D.David Morin 2002 it’s very interested if you like, it gives as a clue of the way we are living today. You can download from this site.

    1. Thank you. I will watch it. I apologize for your comment not posting right away. If comments have links, they are automatically put in moderation. I think I will change that setting. It was only meant to block spam comments, which I was getting a lot of a couple of years ago.

  5. Albert 31: July 2013
    Watching the News there was a great loss of dead in the train accident one might think a lot of innocent people died but be aware for just one moment God knows if their stat of living if it was good or bad Jesus said be alarmed for your sole, because you never know when your thief is next, at the same time the prince of darkness knows the way we are living; so not to give the chance to repent he can easily cause some disaster to see what he can grab. Sometimes we might loos some loved once and also it’s not the first time we curse that moment but what we do not know what holds in his or hers that future for example I rather have someone die instead of knowing that his or hers future is disasters.

    1. Thank you for posting this video. I don’t know if these things are true, but I do know that when I partake of the consecrated elements, I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit.

      Also, I watched the movie you posted. I was struck by the central message of what happens when people have a form of godliness but deny the power of Jesus. Paul warns Timothy of this: “Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.”

  6. Albert: 14 august 5.30 pm
    Speaking of Evolution; is there someone who’s intelligent enough to tell me what evolved first the egg or the chick?

  7. To Jill
    I shall try to answer a comment when said correct me if I am wrong.
    (Who needs strong families when you have friends to help raise your children? Who cares about the archetypal unit?)
    There is a spiritual cancer which is inflicting our children the moment they go to school what infect is happening that each and one of us is blind by recognising between good and evil looking at other people as elders we seems to love the character of others and not at ourselves and say he or she is wrong, on the other hand the road to maturity is very slippery. The first mistake is that even in school we put boys and girls in the same class at the same time we teachers are more concerned of sex lessons then Bible lesson, I cannot imagine myself trying to concentrate on how to get a degree and also behave in society after graduating. Next if I have a picture in my mind of the opposite sex; the knowledge we accumulated over some years is being used to disrupt and gain for ourselves through jealousy and egoism the answer is we have no respect to anybody even to our own parents.

  8. To know is the question.
    Is Extra Knowledge so important when we know there is another life awaiting us; In other words knowing what lies ahead on Earth is disturbing our everyday way of living. Can’t we be more simply and live without having to wonting to know more and more? I personally found that my mind became sort off more disturbing when I had to see other characters and was not able to appreciate my own meaning we have to be better than others. I know that we had to study to get on with life but do we have to be greedy and joules, God know it all in his Rules. What you think?

  9. Albert
    You don’t know how to live without wanting to know more and more;
    It all depends what kind of knowledge you are seeking is it Earthly or Spiritually because if it’s Earthly you might manage to acquire the hole package and then what, at the moment of your last minutes that package is areas deleted, But if it’s Spiritually the more you learn it can be far more advantages because it gives you a peace of mind on Earth and at the end you can take it with you.

  10. How Religion Makes “The Exorcist”
    Exoticism was first practist by Jesus it is no joke it does exist. A posed person can easily be a victim specially to those people that are more inclined to joke or make a habit of their life’s by performing all sorts of unhealthy deeds and not knowing that weather he or she believes it or not. Still we humans have been given a consensus and we always know what’s right from wrong, even if you have not heard about Jesus. When a healthy person or a family ends up with some kind of disease or deformed child it is for sure to break or heart that family’s happiness there is always some kind of bed spirit that is performing that nasty part of enjoyable moments because that is his Job. I believe that anything can distract your mind out of curiosity reading books should not be taken seriously even if the author is famous that includes films.

  11. Albert – July 28.
    Yesterday I have watched a video subject was about who wrote the Bible and the philosophy of these four supposedly characters think that they are wise by saying that some Roman family kept for themselves the original of some scrolls; and they manipulated the first Christian Bible by saying that Jesus was a meth figure and the real God was the Emperor so us to keep the whole empire in peace. The funny thing is these four philosophers through their reading they believed history books which some other philosopher had written and by saying that the evangelist did not write the New Testament. I say that the apostles had big job preaching and were busy healing the sick. It is their assistants that kept on writing notes and be for them it was Jesus that made miracles not just a figure in which thousands of people heard and seen with their own eyes, it is the nonbelievers say or write such stupid ideas and make videos to make a living out of it.

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