Miscellaneous Mash-up: On Geeks and Everything Else

This day started with a bang. Here, in this spot, I’ll try to clarify my thoughts. Well, actually, it started with the alarm bleeping because it was milk delivery morning, and I had to pick up my milk early. Afterward, however, I experienced one of those typical stay-at-home parent moments, in which I was cooking and prepping food while my phone was tweeting out new messages 1,2,3,4…and my computer was sounding out the Facebook messages 1,2,3,4…This kind of multi-tasking requires intentional focus.

Where was I? Oh, yeah, I was discussing intentional focus. No, I wasn’t. I was attempting to file my thoughts into various boxes.

Box 1: On geeks: My husband was highly offended by my post yesterday. He couldn’t believe I dissed on the Doctor. I didn’t dis on the Doctor. I like the Doctor; I just don’t (or should I say didn’t?) understand the culture surrounding these shows/movies. However, I learned from my dad (commenter Leon Miler) that I am a geek because it’s really all about the collection of minutiae. Jessica agreed that I’m a geek. My sense of not belonging is part of being a geek, she said, even if I sense that I don’t belong in geek culture. This is probably why Grace said geek behavior, such as dressing up, was about raising a tribal flag; others will recognize that you belong if you raise the flag. Lelia insisted it was all about playing and having fun in an adult way, and Adecker could only respond to the role-playing question, and his answer leads me to believe that it isn’t just about playing, but about being immersed in an active storytelling culture. My eldest daughter, who is an unrepentant geek, can’t understand why I, a fiction writer, don’t understand the excitement of role-playing. Back to husband–he disdainfully holds to the theory that I’m not a geek. According to him, I’m a snotty intellectual who writes literature. My dad and husband are both right, if you can imagine melding those two ideas. I am an intellectual. I’m an intellectual who collects minutiae whose husband enjoys pushing her buttons.

Box 2: Huh. I just funneled all my thoughts through the geek funnel and can’t find any others. Let me think…thinking is hard. Where’s Barbie and her gay best friend, Ken, when I need them?

On writing: Jessica sent me a message this morning asking me if I’d registered my copyright. In the past, this was always considered an excessive and unnecessary action on the part of paranoid authors. Now it’s an insurance that a writer can take action if her work is plagiarized. If you’d like more info, read this post by Jami Gold: The New Face of Book Pirates: Plagiarists. In addition to registering your copyright*, she suggests running Google alerts for phrases from your book. Otherwise, unless you’re a bestseller who has a lot of fans, you will likely not catch this new breed of pirate.

Writing is a kind of child’s toy of nested boxes. The next box contains the novella I’m working on, Oso and Julia, which I plan to release within the next few months. In the nearer future, I will be re-releasing Anna and the Dragon with a professional cover. The book cover is the smallest inner box that my conscious mind is currently aware of.

Box 3: On work: I need to fill out more job applications.

Box 4: On math: Math is an ever-present reality in the life of this mechanical engineering student, or as I prefer to call myself–a ME student. That sounds inappropriately narcissistic.

Box 5: On family:…….hmmm……..We spend A LOT of time together. Sometimes, I fear we’re becoming the Borg. Geek alert! Did I just raise my flag?

*I don’t know why I initially said trademark. Thanks to Jami for the correction. I don’t even know what a trademark would be for a writer–maybe what Stratemeyer Sindicate held for Nancy Drew?



  1. Thanks for linking to my post, Jill! đŸ™‚ Just one small correction… As authors, we don’t need to worry about registering *trademark*–just copyright. Those are two different things. (Which is a good thing because trademarks are *much* harder to protect. đŸ™‚ )

    We have enough to fret about already, thanks for letting me take away ONE worry. LOL!

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