I Am Not the Exception

I no longer wish to be your exception. While it was comforting to know that you gave me a pass on the disgust you held for white, Christian, homeschool moms because I was somehow different, this exception forced me to walk on tiptoes whenever you were around. The truth is, as I listen to you rant about the nastiness of my kind, I realize you are actually speaking of me. You’ve given me an exception, but you actually haven’t. I AM the jean-skirt-wearing, overprotective, judgmental, manipulative, emotional, uptight, and preachy white Christian woman you despise. I would like to be allowed this, even if you’ve never seen me wear a jean skirt or heard my proselytize by means of my irrational world view.

I am this person because those are all outward manifestations of what occurs deeply on the inside. Inside, I’m proud of my Anglo-Irish heritage. That is who I am genetically and culturally–it’s what I know, and I’m not ashamed of my parents and grandparents. I truly believe that Jesus is the Savior of the world. My soul won’t give me an out on this main point in my life, even if you’re an atheist, an agnostic, a spiritualist, a Muslim, a Buddhist, or a Jew. My soul doesn’t allow me to be any of those. As a homeschool mom, I AM trying to protect my children from a negative school environment; I’m not, however, trying to protect them from the world. I’m training them for the world in a safe place, in the same way that Ninjas begin their practice with wooden swords. You may agree or disagree that homeschool is best. I don’t care. But I would ask that you cease and desist from making me your exception.

Yes, I’m a female. Was it that obvious? And no, I’m not an exception regarding my sex. My outward behavior may appear, to you, to be an exception, but it isn’t. I have organs that you, as a man, entirely lack. I’m afraid of things you aren’t. And occasionally, I fall prey to to those nasty things called emotions that everybody loves to vilify in these post Enlightenment days–the irony being that a lack of emotion doesn’t correlate necessarily to being logical. Those who feel very unemotional automatically assume that they make logical decision, even if their logic has more holes than Swiss cheese. Sometimes, my logic does, too, despite that I have a reputation for being cold and logical.

I’m not your exception. Furthermore, I may not accept your fundamental definitions, which may make the “exception” a farce to me. For my part, I will hold the same rule for you: you are no longer allowed to be the exception, either.



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