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I’m not a doctor, obviously. Dr. Jill is the name my dad calls me in jest because I used to obsessively study health and medicine and try to force him to take his daily cod liver oil. These days, I find the study of health and medicine banal. However, I happen to have woken up with a sore throat and stuffy head, and I thought I might give my report on why I woke up sick.

I don’t exhibit symptoms during the flu and cold season any longer. I don’t have respiratory problems, and I’ve even curbed my airborne allergies, which is no easy feat in the state where I live. Allergies here are terrible owing to the low precipitation. The air never seems to clear of pollen and dust. But I digress. I’ve also heard that the cold and flu season lasts from September through July; I even heard that from a doctor. I’m not sure if it’s an exaggeration, but if so, it’s an exaggeration based off reality: people here are frequently sick with colds and flus.

This used to be the case for my family, as well. Some years, it seemed we had a new cold or flu every month. Some months, the revolution of symptoms made it seem as if we had multiple colds throughout the month, though I doubt that was true. My children’s immune systems have improved, and so has mine. For me, I haven’t had much in the way of illness at all since I began regularly taking vitamin C, vitamin D at 35 IUs per pound of body weight, and one drop of Lugol’s iodine at 2.6%. I started taking the Lugol’s to prevent achy thyroid, which I presume was a lingering side effect from childhood exposure to fluoridated water (I really don’t feel like explaining why fluoride can be damaging to the thyroid; go read about it yourself).

All that being said, I don’t take these supplements on top of junk food. We eat staple foods in our home, which may or may not be considered healthful, depending on what brand of healthfulness you believe in. A standard meal at our house might consist of a beef roast with potatoes and other vegetables, or we might eat a very plain meal of fish and rice. What happens to be in our favor is a general lack of interest in sweet foods and beverages. In fact, I’ve gotten to the point where the flavor of sweet foods turns my tongue. Ice cream is repulsive to me and soda tastes like poison. Despite that, we had a vacation day yesterday, in which my husband decided to buy me a chocolate–a beautifully crafted hard, dark chocolate shell filled with Bailey’s Irish Cream flavored filling. Later, he took everybody to Cold Stone Creamery, where I indulged in the sweet cream flavor. Yeah, it’s tasty for about three bites because the richness offsets the sweet. I ate most of it, though, because it was a “vacation” day.

Why am I not surprised that I woke up sick? Sugar is nasty, my friends. You can eat it if you want; I won’t judge. But please be aware that it will lower your body Ph, weaken your immune system, and generally contribute to any kind of inflammation you may suffer from. Some researchers have found that it contributes to the growth of cancer cells. You can go read about it and do the research yourself. Meanwhile, I’m going to drink a cup of tea and cope with a nasty sore throat. My distaste for sugar, I believe, is a good thing.

This is not Dr. Jill, but regular Jill, signing off.



  1. Yes, this happens to me when I indulge. It’s pretty amazing/frightening. I remember once I had a cookie on break at my grocery store job and the next day I had a horrible sore throat that required antibiotics. Last year a Papa Murphy’s pizza (refined flour) did me in. For awhile, I thought I was crazy trying to equate the two. Well, sometimes I still think must be crazy, so it’s nice to get some confirmation/validation from a fellow “health foodie”. (Yesterday I was telling my husband, I eat normally, it’s everyone else’s tastebuds and appetites that are abnormal. Tru dat.)

    1. Refined flour may not be quite as detrimental to the body as sugar (more research has been done on sugar), but it is certainly inflammatory. It is also higher in gluten than wheat flour. Do you have a gluten sensitivity?

  2. I’m big on sugar. I like chewy candy such as starburst, mamba, mentos, and taffy. I’m also into gummy bears and worms and sour patch kids. So far, as long as I have a scale to keep track, I can eat as much candy as I want without gaining weight. I don’t care about sweet fluids. I prefer carbonated water. If I get sick, sugar does make me feel worse. I also like healthy foods such as broccoli, salmon, bison, wine, mangos, and oat meal. My main staple these days, however, is hot pockets, pop tarts, soup, and carbonated water with lemon essence.

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