On New Year’s Resolutions

Look, there is nothing especially wrong or misguided about New Year’s resolutions. They are an attempt to let go of the past and strive for better things in the future. How could there be anything wrong with a spirit of hope and determination? The problem, of course, is with you–the person making the resolutions. Promises to self and others are great, but only if you keep them. I’m the type of person who believes in honor. I believe in honoring contracts and promises. Promises that are made to be broken are…let’s just say they rub me the wrong way.

I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. Generally, I give myself writing goals to meet, and most of the time, I meet them. What else am I going to resolve to do? I’ve been exercising more or less daily since I was sixteen. I already eat a healthful diet. What else do I need to become more determined about? I’m already too intentional and determined as it is.

Okay, there is this one little resolution I want to make. I would like to (deep breath) resolve to no longer spend time on blogs where the automatic truth perspective of the world is filtered through a cynic’s lens. Cynics believe themselves to be realists. They aren’t. They are merely peering through a glass darkly–really darkly. They are solipsists who can’t or won’t look at a broader perspective because they are too busy lying to themselves. Positive thinkers are the same way, but my patience for them wore out a long time ago. I have been successfully avoiding their soul crushing philosophies for years.

I should clarify a little because I tend to speak from philosophical terms. I no longer want to associate myself with the cynicism of modern usage. Honestly, I don’t like people who are chronically suspicious of the motives of others. Going back to the Greek philosophy, I don’t have much problem with cynicism, except that it creates warring ideologies inside my mind. You see, I want, more than anything, to be accomplished by worldly standards of success because I happen to live, for the time being, in the world. I would very much like to fulfill my life’s purpose, whatever that happens to be, before I die. In other words, I eschew life in the tub.

In other news, I’m still working on the Oso and Julia novella/linked stories. Trying to earn money for school has been beating me down and robbing my time. Completing Oso and Julia is, therefore, my New Year’s writing goal. I also plan to continue with my coffee memoirs. And I hope I can scrape by with two classes. That’s about it for me. If I have a word to strive for in the New Year, it’s “Action!”

And looking back over the last year…I managed to self-publish one of my books (obviously). I managed to earn enough money to send myself to Portland to visit my sister (hence the “scraping by” with two classes). What else have I accomplished in the last year? Well, I didn’t accomplish this on my own, but my eldest child is now an adult–the first graduate of the Domschot homeschool. It’s been a big year. I actually did make a start at Tech last spring–so there was that. I just didn’t get very far without funding. So the family and I accomplished a few things in 2013 and we’re set to continue up the hill of life in 2014.*

Cheers to the hope and determination a new year brings!

*Wait, what? You expected a spiritual reflection in which I show gratitude for others and ask for forgiveness while simultaneously granting it? Nah. I’d rather do that sort of thing in my active life.



  1. This year I want to double my income, drink more bourbon, come up with a writing goal, eat less candy, and escape the northern plains.

  2. Just blog comments which is why I need a writing goal. I think I should write something about feminism since probably a majority of my blog comments are at least tangentially related to that. That and religion comprise probably 98 percent of my comments. The remaining two percent is absurdities.

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