News of the Week*

1. People on social media are frothing at the mouth** to murder a man and his followers because he is pro-rape, according to Fox 5 news. Naturally, I’m a bit appalled and conduct further research. This research then leads me to confusion because it becomes quite clear that this man has been labelled “pro-rape” because he wrote an anti-rape article.*** Why, I ask myself, do people want to violently murder a man and his followers because the man is anti-rape? I am often confused by the world, however, so this is nothing new. My guess is that people fear this man because he’s an MRA, and not really very nice. That brings me to my next bit of news.

2. This is commentary I’m going to rip (with minor editing) from Facebook. My commentary was in response to this woman’s When you ask me to vote For Hillary…. I’m glad nobody’s asking me to vote for Hillary. They probably know I’d give them my patented death glare. That said, I’ve come to realize over the years that I don’t suffer from the same kind of fear others have, and I honestly feel sorry for people who are as fearful as the young lady who wrote this article. Understanding that I lack the kind of fear that motivates many people makes me more sympathetic toward those who value security measures such as the TSA (yet, still not toward the turncoats who work for DHS or TSA). Their fear is devouring them; they need safety nets just to do ordinary activities like open mail. This is not confined to progressives. I spent a ridiculous amount of time arguing with a conservative who fears socialism so much that he’s willing to vote against his conscience to ensure that it never happens. The ironic part is that we’ve been living with a variant of socialism, social liberalism, for well over a hundred years, which is just another sign that humans fear reality and want safety nets to protect them from it. Fear is a very powerful force. But, alas, so is evil and the power that goes along with it.

Does this mean I’m pro-socialism, because humans need it? Not exactly. Most of these same people haven’t counted the costs of what it takes to maintain the kind of social democracy Sanders advocates. That is the unfortunate side effect of acting out of fear — not thinking deeply about what those “safety nets” are going to cost them. Utopias are extraordinarily costly. Lois Lowry couldn’t have depicted the costs of utopia better when she wrote The Giver. Not that Europe’s social democracies are at that point — no, they’re rather at the point of violence due to rampant immigration of people who intensely dislike them and demographic problems caused by refusing to produce offspring. Remember, in The Giver’s utopia, emotions are suppressed in order to prevent violence (also, they are “color blind”) and women who are chosen to breed are forced to do so in order to continue their utopia. Children who aren’t exactly right for the utopia are murdered, as are the elders when it’s retirement time. Going back to socialism, it’s really difficult to maintain an aging class of people with a limited pool of workers, as is caused by very restrictive breeding practices. And that brings me to my last news story.

3. If there’s better evidence that people fear reality than the indictment of the reporters who exposed Planned Parenthood, then I don’t know what it is. And I can’t be satirical about that, in the same way I can’t be satirical about eugenics jokes. As most people know by now, the indictment was just another bit of news, soon passed over for more important considerations, such as Trump’s hair. We are living in a science fiction reality, in which we harvest our own species for science, and we’re not allowed to talk about it. At least not in those terms.

Every News of the Week post I’ve written in the past has been satirical. This one has gotten a little too…real. And I’m done. I may not be as fearful as others, but I’m perfectly capable of sadness.

*Yeah, my week IS a little different, as I don’t have weekends off. Or any days off. But that’s not the point, so stop criticizing me.

**No surprise there; social media practically wet itself with glee when cops shot and killed the Oregon protester.

***I’ve seen more of Roosh in my social media feeds the past few than I ever have. The article I linked to is anti-rape in the way that it’s written. However, if the man’s own words from his books and other blog posts are being reported accurately, then he is a complete scumbag who has practiced rape in his pick-up artistry. I hate the way social justice warriors behave, but if you are a scumbag, sometimes divine karma is simply a bitch that bites back. And that’s all I have to say about that.


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