Game Developer Barbie

game developer barbie 2

At least she still looks like a supermodel. I guess girls have changed from when I was a child. When I was young, I, along with my friends, just wanted a gorgeous Barbie fashion doll with all the cute clothes we couldn’t afford. Of course I wanted that because I, as a young girl, was playing out my feminine fantasy of catching a really great guy. I never even once fantasized about being a game developer. I did imagine myself as a writer or a private detective when not playing with Barbies — but that was always secondary to marrying a hot guy. The really hot guy fantasy was pretty much paramount. That’s probably why I’m married with four children and a side career of writing and editing. I found what I wished for. May game developer Barbie satisfy all your basic instincts as a female child* — or your wish fulfillment as an adult of being stuck in a stupid career without being as gorgeous as Barbie.

*The creative instinct is universal to humans, and not specific to being a girl or boy, but I’m guessing the creative instinct is not why Barbies have historically been popular with girls, unless we’re talking about the procreative one.



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