The Minäverse


This what a sample title page looks like.

Oso Beñat was born to be a hero. With advanced cognition and an ability to remember the future, he knows he’s meant for more than the subsistence farming his father scrapes out in rural New Mexico. Armed with an education and his best friend, a biotech engineer, he creates advanced biological androids that are awakened with the voice of infrasound.

When his beautifully intelligent androids, known as Minäs, are rendered window-lickers through government mandated lobotomies, his eponymous corporation turns to inventing mindless robotics, leaving the idiot Minäs to roam in a wasted economy.

Even with his future instinct, he fails to foresee this mess. Now that his life is nearly over, maybe it’s not too late to fulfill his destiny by helping someone besides himself. Sometimes, being a hero means passing the torch to his biological creations. His granddaughter seems willing. But what about those Minäs? There might yet be one left in the world who isn’t too stupid to care.



  1. Yeah, I’ve just been sitting on it, not sure about it. Do you mind an eBook, since I haven’t published it yet, ie no print yet.

  2. p.s. I’ve been making Periscopes, and on one I quite accidentally said I was going to publish my book as a serial on my blog, once a week, starting April 1st. So maybe you can just read one step of me and tell me if my chapter is complete crap. The date just slipped out.

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