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New Mexico is run by people I like to call “corrupt crusaders.” It’s mildly amusing to me that the people cry out about our state problems, such as a failing education system and poverty, and then hope they can vote these problems away. But voting gives one a sense of having done something forward-thinking and positive. Hence, we now have Michelle Lujan Grisham as governor because she promised free preschool. Yes, folks, that’s how she’s going to fix New Mexico’s education ranking: by extending a failed system to include poor hapless 3-year-olds. Everybody deserves to fail, even the youngest amongst us; that’s the essence of egalitarianism. Speaking of egalitarianism, did I also mention that Lujan Grisham will be the first Democrat Latina governor of New Mexico? Not the first Latina, of course. That honor went to the Republicans with Martinez, who will be leaving the failed education and poverty rates to her successor. I mean, incomes did go up during her time in office, but not by much.

It has to be acknowledged that New Mexicans don’t like change. They like where they’re at, and they don’t particularly even care about education. I mean, they do as long as they can demand another program run by a corrupt crusader that will ultimately fail. But as far as parents living it in the home? No, they don’t really care. The kind of hunkering down they do here isn’t all bad, though. New Mexico may be one of the most impoverished states, but it also isn’t as prone to huge economic fluctuations driven by bubbles of hot air. And by hunkering down, the people can protect the vestiges of their culture — the good and the bad, of course. But honestly, until the culture at the family level begins to care about education, it’s not going to improve. Why should kids care when their parents don’t?

This went another direction than I had intended. Originally, I was just going to make some political commentary…probably inappropriate commentary because I’m not entirely pleased with the voting results in my state, and find some of the choices to be foolhardy. E.g., Michelle Lujan Grisham, who does not have the same sense Steve Pearce does. And yet, if the tallies are correct, Steve Pearce lost by a giant margin.

C’est la vie, I guess.



  1. Wait, World Series MVP Steve Pearce was on the ballot in New Mexico? Why didn’t anybody tell me?!

    Joking aside, you articulate a great rule about politics: none of these people care about us. Solutions rarely come from elected officials. They’re just professional grifters who can only do harm.

    I’m in Massachusetts and I’m NOT a socialist. Do you think my vote matters at all? I still vote, but it’s pretty pointless.

    1. I voted, too, but am in a blue welfare state. The governor we just voted in is the Dem works, including wanting to outlaw semiautomatics…so like every gun.

      Sorry about all the comments on your blog. My phone is sluggish, so I managed to post repeats and half a comment….

      1. Nothing to be sorry about!

        Your governor sounds like a treat. For some weird reason, Massachusetts—who has not a single Republican in Washington and very few in our state legislature—re-elected a Republican governor by an incredibly wide margin. Go figure.

  2. You’ll always find people looking up the bureaucratic pyramid for solutions, especially in the west. The modern nation-state enshrines that mode of materialism. In the worst, most blatant, cases, it ends up no different than Babel, and if I’m feeling really adventurous, I’ll say all nation-states end up as Babels if they make it far enough. The clinging to the cloying scent of this world’s riches is too strong for the modern man’s sensibilities for that particular course of empire to not be followed through to its terminal end.

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