November Is the Hardest Month

It really is. It’s a month full of birthdays, sports events, holidays, fall cleaning, and school functions. Even when I homeschooled, November was full of local events and homeschool fieldtrips. In New Mexico, fall is generally a brilliant time of year: cool with clear, bright blue skies and low wind. Fall cleaning is a thing because the spring brings with it gusty and dusty winds that shriek over the desert. When I lived in the river valley, it wasn’t uncommon for frosts to extend through April. So fall is the pleasantest season here, and it’s no wonder people want to clean and go outdoors for fun activities.

Therefore, it has always struck me as odd that NaNoWriMo occurs during this hectic time of year. The person who invented NaNoWriMo must live in a dreary part of the world where humanity wants to remain indoors all month long. It’s a distinct possibility. I do remember that the rains started in September when I lived on the Oregon coast, but they didn’t really pick up speed until November. The rainy season culminated in a long dreary January and February and didn’t slack off until summer. If it were up to me, I would hold a national novel writing month in January or February. BUT an author can write a book in any month of the year he chooses to. An author can also get a group of writer friends together to check on each other’s output any month of the year. But for some reason, every writer I know wants to do this during the now official month of NaNoWriMO.

For my part, I was going to use this month to finish my current book, Order of the PenTriagon. To be honest, I wanted to finish before 2018 ended, and I’m faced with the last two months of the year, so…NaNoWriMo is convenient. However, I’m trying to write 2000 words a day six days a week, to equal 12,000 words a week until I finish. That’s actually a higher output than the NaNoWriMo word count of 1667 words a day, seven days a week, which comes out to 50,010 words for the thirty days of November. If I’m successful, I’ll have written 52,000 words for the month while maintaining a day of rest. I need that. God rested on the seventh day when creating the universe, and so should I, even if my creation is a measly book that will sit on Amazon unread.

How is it going so far? It’s going in fits and starts. I’m heavily behind this week for a number of reasons; primarily, if I miss the hours my kids are in school, I have little time to make up for it in the afternoons and evenings. I managed to delete 1000 words I wrote yesterday, albeit a blog post. Still, it demoralized me, such that I ended up trying to write after the kids were home and snapped at them if they tried to bother me. You need help studying?! Ha ha ha ha….Okay, I did help my daughter study for her science test, and then went back to my story, only to realize I needed some intense research. When I imagine scenes in my head, I don’t always consider the amount of unknowns that will be occurring.

After all was said and done yesterday, I ended up with 1000 words written, 1000 words deleted, and a lot of reading and video-watching. Finally, I went to bed determined to start early on Friday and complete several thousand before life and its demands crowded around me. Let’s not talk about how that’s going…

But at least I will post this, unless I manage to delete it. By the way, yesterday’s disappearing post was an odd quirk because there are usually autosaves and a list of draft revisions on WordPress, which were entirely missing yesterday. Not to mention, the entire post disappeared when I hit “edit undo.” We Christians used to jokingly talk about the spiritual oppression of our technology if our machines weren’t working properly (to be accurate, if we didn’t understand how our machines were working). It was a joke. I think. In my head, the post I lost was inspired because I wasn’t talking about writing, but discussing the first chapter in 1 Corinthians…the part about God’s foolishness being wiser than man’s wisdom. I will probably try again next week, but the irony of it won’t be lost on me.


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