Conservatives the Media Loves

The kids are paying attention, anyway. The last two nights, Darkstream came on at a convenient hour for entertaining me while I was cooking dinner (most streams I subscribe to come on at inconvenient moments). When my high school-aged daughter wandered through the kitchen, she heard Vox talking about Ben Shapiro and Jordan Peterson. She curled her lip in distaste.

“I don’t like Jordan Peterson,” she said. “I think I like Ben Shapiro better.” The tone of disdain was meant to imply she didn’t care for Shapiro either, but if she had to choose to be tortured through their talks, it would be Shapiro because Shapiro is sometimes funny, albeit ultimately a loser. That put Peterson at a very low place in her mental hierarchy.

I’m often surprised at what she’s exposed to in her (intentionally) limited use of social media. She’s up on the people and issues — I guess that’s one good thing about social media. It still works to some degree at disseminating information. For now. But it’s also telling that the youth have very little interest in Facebook or Twitter, instead choosing platforms like Snapchat or Instagram.

On the other hand, she’s being exposed to the conservatives social media and news outlets puts up with. For now. I still remember, back in the lead-up to the Trump election, when ultra-liberal news outlets began waxing poetic about “classically conservative politicians” they had previously had nothing good to say about. That election cycle shifted boundaries and moved the Overton window. It was a time when my long-time rants about the neocons being in the same globalist club as the liberals were suddenly justified. See how the media is softly glowing these days with “thousand point of lights, one-world” Bush.

Many people I know won’t use Google anymore, but I like to see the news articles they’ve chosen especially for me. Today, the list is littered with Idiocracy style articles about Meghan McCain, Benny boy, Peterson, Ocasio-Cortez (standing up to a conservative), and ones accompanied by images of Elon Musk looking stoned (he’s not conservative, but the media doesn’t know what to do with him). Oh, and entertainment, of course. SF/fantasy stuff to distract me from reality. For months, they posted articles about how everybody loves James Gunn, his filth about violating children notwithstanding. To be honest, I was surprised at how much love my conservative Christian friends had for Gunn; the media didn’t have to work hard at perpetuating it.

I’m not sure how the conservative landscape will change over the next few years, but Gen Z may not be willing to play by the same rules. They are a dark and untrusting generation. Millenials are the new set of journalists, and they can barely write complete sentences. Who is going to listen to journalists who can’t even spin good stories? By the time my youngest daughter will be able to vote, the irrelevant conservatives of today will still be irrelevant, but the media will have to up its game if they want the new young voters to care.



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