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As I’m working on finishing up Order of the PenTriagon, I thought I should give a little boost to The Minäverse because a lot of you haven’t read it. You haven’t read it, but you should. I will go ahead and post a few reviews to let you know why you should. For the record, this book is very different from Anna and the Dragon and therefore hasn’t reached the same audience. Thus, I’ve struggled to find my audience with this comedic SF, in which the AI is, well, stupid instead of intelligent. I first tried on this idea in the short story An Irrational Robot Is a Happy One, which first appeared in the ezine, “Common Oddities Speculative Fiction Sideshow”, and later appeared in “The Jaybird’s Nest and other stories”. But The Minäverse takes this concept farther. Much, much farther.

Intelligent near-future humor: Because none of my oxen were being gored, I found this book hilarious. Despite only maybe one of the characters being likable, all of them are interesting. Anybody who thinks taking the ball out of soccer ball to make it safer is a great idea is not going to like this book. At all. –Paul P.

Just might gore your ox: I bought this book on a whim, and I’m glad I did. The author does only the necessary amount of world-building as she spins her tale, trusting her readers to fill in all the details they need. Her writing style is easy to read, and the humor is both subtle and obvious. The laughs don’t have the unpleasant tang of sarcasm but they have a smile-inducing wryness, and if you’re not careful you might overlook some. A very enjoyable read. –Lelia Rose Foreman

Quirky and Fun Dystopian Future: Quirky and fun, even in a dystopian future. This book weaves the stories of the past and the present in an engaging manner. Unlike a lot of dystopian settings, this one isn’t nihilistic. Instead it’s hopeful. Even when things are weird, humanity finds joy. New Mexico is a character in this book, without overshadowing the human ones. Reading it made me miss the open blue skies of the desert and feel nostalgic for the future. –Amazon Customer

Okay, three is a magical number. But I love my reviews. Would you mind if I posted one more? Ah, I guess I don’t really care if you mind.

I am laughing at someone…not sure who…: I just finished the book and found myself smirking. Throughout the book I felt as if the author and I were laughing at various characters both in the book and in real life . The more I thought about it, however, I began to suspect that I was also being laughed at. By myself especially.

The author carried many of the current issues in our society to their logical conclusions. She used engaging prose, created varied and interesting characters, and used science fiction to have many of the conversations that many are not willing to currently allow. –Nate O.



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