Keep On Keeping On

I always do.

1. Listening to Harry Connick Jr.’s She yesterday reminded me we also used to have his album Star Turtle, which has a plot running through it of Harry taking an alien turtle to visit clubs in New Orleans. Snort. He’s such a goofy musician. That’s probably why his music has always appealed to me. He also seems to have a “normal” soul (whatever that means — more what it doesn’t mean: he doesn’t sound like a crazy, dark, tortured artist). So I’m adding this album to my list of alien, robot, and knight rock for general inspiration. Some favorites already on the list: Daft Punk’s album Random Access Memories, Europe’s song “The Final Countdown”, and Peter Cetera’s goofy “Glory of Love” from the Karate Kid.

2. I quit social media. Again. I just can’t stand it. There are a handful of people I love to banter with on Twitter, and those people I’ll definitely miss. You know, goofy people. I love goofy people who get my sense of humor. Or pretend to. Another big snort. Look, I suck at marketing. I can’t market to save my life, which means social media is a big fat waste of time. I have no rapport with most human beings, but understanding that doesn’t make me feel any better when I’m rejected or when people with large(r than me) followings decide to drop, block, or mute me … for no apparent reason. I value loyalty and giving the benefit of the doubt until all the facts are in. Also, I admit I seethe over others’ egoism that demands attention — where there’s no reciprocity, even among their peers. I’m a stoic. Stoics don’t like to feel deep, dark hatred eating their souls. So no more social media.

3. After a harrowing few weeks, in which I stared into the abyss and came up short, I’m just starting to get back into finishing the end of my book Order of the PenTriagaon. It helps to have a critique partner with the right sensibility. We’re currently discussing a dragons vs aliens thing in the plot because, as he put it, it’s “low-key absurd enough to be in character for your writing style.” You’ll have to read it as a beta or etc. to find out how that turns out.

4. I have a few books in my to-read pile, after I finish this literary novel I found in one of those little free libraries. The literary novel is called Olive Kitteridge. It’s depressing, which seems to be a hallmark for literary novels. But the characters are fascinating, so I’ll probably finish anyway. I also have two history books that I’m reading in snippets (The Battle For Spain and Restoration London); one SF I just purchased, Rawle Nyanzi’s Shining Tomorrow; and a new series by Alexander McCall Smith called The Department of Sensitive Crimes. I’ve always liked his warm-hearted humor, but in this case, the cover cracked me up because he put an umlaut over the “Ä” in his name. Hilarious. I mean, I’m sure he has someone else do his artwork and formatting, but I went there with the Minäverse, and it has caused me no end of annoyance. What I sacrifice for my dumb sense of humor.



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