The Skeleton of my Life

1. No, no skeletons in the closet. I’m simply having to rework my day frames because I’ve taken up homeschooling again, and it feels like ‘dem bones being resurrected into a lively skeleton. This is a little shaky right now. I might make a video about that later. If so, I’ll post it below.

2. Don’t forget The Minäverse will be free until Friday (which also feels like resurrecting a skeleton). Here is a description:

Forty years ago, Tomi Corp, headed by Albuquerque’s own Oso Beñat, designed and gave life to fully-sentient androids and triggered an economic collapse. In response to widespread outrage from the masses of suddenly-unemployed, the government forced all androids to become useless fools, and the corporation refocused its efforts on mindless robotics. But the post scarcity world has left America’s youth unhappier than ever. The release of Tomi Corp’s latest idea, a line of taco-bearing vanity bots, is gearing up to be the trigger that finally causes a societal upheaval as big as the atomic bomb.

Oso’s granddaughter doesn’t believe he’s the monster her generation imagines him to be. As a struggling journalist, she hopes she can both restore her family name and boost her career with an Oso Beñat biopic. Revealing the truth turns out to be a lot harder than a few simple interviews, however. She might have to risk it all—her career, her boyfriend, and her life—in order to set the record straight.

Here is a link:

3. I’m still working on edits for The Order of the PenTriagon; however, I’m at a stage where I should probably collect some betareaders. If you’re interested, I’ll put you on my list.


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