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What is happening to the world? If it wasn’t clear enough before that the tech overlords control our society right along with the media, I hope it’s clear now. I ditched Twitter years ago and have been ditching Facebook on and off when it becomes too much. I end up going back, drawn to that place where I can reach my old high school friends and the family I never see. But I can’t keep it now. I can’t support a corporation that blocks our president. I can’t return to Twitter because they’ve done the same. YouTube? God knows they aren’t any better. And Amazon? What? I have zero interest in joining conservative ghettos like Parler, but I don’t feel like supporting Amazon after they cancelled Parler.

Where does this leave a struggling writer who doesn’t have much of an audience as it is? People have been joking that conservatives should just make their own internet. Okay, well, right along with the continuous process of learning how to write, edit, create print books and ebooks, and then market my books, I now have to learn to be my own silicon valley CEO. That leaves me a little woozy. I might as well go find a vanity press and print up thousands of books and sell them on street corners all over the US. Seriously.

At least I still have WordPress, but I’ve been wondering how to get around the mindset that requires free venues. The reason we’re in this position of having tech overlords controlling our livelihoods, interpreting our reality, and telling us what we can and can’t believe and say is we walked willingly in. All of those instructive fairy tales we heard as a child didn’t leave the impression they should have. We walked right in the witch’s cabin, and now she’s got us trapped and has been fattening us up on her sweets until we’re ready to be consumed. Perhaps you find that an exaggeration. I don’t.



    1. Yeah, this is something I think we all predicted but didn’t foresee it happening exactly this way and this quickly. You are right. These people hate God.

      1. I got rid of my Youtube channel and have an anonymous one with my playlist. I don’t comment, subscribe, or like anything anymore on there.

        Don’t you have a Goodreads account, like I do? Thinking of closing that. Too much mainstream pub garbage on there.

        1. I haven’t had a Goodreads in years. I couldn’t take the culture of people it attracted. I can’t remove my books, though, if that’s what you mean. Only a librarian can do that. Youtube is going to be tough. I’m so addicted to my favorite podcasts there. And I’ve been meaning to do my own podcast. It’s just I always have technical difficulties with my videos and end up taking them down or not posting them. So maybe it’s for the better. I’m such a dunce sometimes.

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