Early Glimmers of a Golden Communist Future

My thoughts are going many different directions this morning, and I need a way to put them together into a cohesive whole. I’m famous for that. I bring in disparate elements and tie them all together — I do it in my books; I do it in my reading and assessing of the world. I have a peculiar talent for creating patterns that don’t actually exist. One early betareader/reviewer of The Minäverse complained about this aspect of my writing and then said he could offer me no help in fixing it because somehow it all worked and he couldn’t see how to change it. An even earlier critique partner complained that he couldn’t suggest changes in a sentence or paragraph of my book because it would snowball, and then the entire books would fall apart. What this no doubt means is that my brain is a mess to an order of magnitude that isn’t ordinary, and you shouldn’t take anything I say to heart.

With that caveat, let me proceed. While I took my breakfast break this morning, I watched a YouTube video on what Cuba is really like — not the beautiful Cuba you might find in travel images and foodie videos, but the actual lived reality of the Cuban people. And I thought it looked sort of familiar. Why is this familiar? I asked myself. Oh, yes, it’s familiar because I’ve seen it at Walmart and its brother corporations such as Sam’s Club and the Sam’s Club gas station. Could it be possible, I asked myself, that Walmart has been preparing us to think of communism as normal for years now? The last time we were at the Sam’s Club gas station, the line was exceedingly long, extending into the Sam’s parking lot. Being the person he is, my husband averted the line, went the wrong way down the arrows and swung around to discover that the line was long because most of the gas pumps were out of order. That’s the way it is in communist Cuba, except worse, of course, because the heights of greatness are never achieved overnight.

But the gas situation isn’t nearly as bad as the shopping experience in Walmart itself. Empty shelves. If not empty, stocked only with one or two products to make it look like the shelves aren’t empty. Few employees. Hour-long waits in checkout lines. While some people experienced this for the first time during the pandemic, this has been going on for years in my area of the country. It got so bad several years ago that I quit Walmart for a long time due to 70-100% of my shopping list being unavailable — that is not even remotely an exaggeration. If I were an actual Karen (my children think I’m a Karen because I’m grumpy), I would have called the management and complained on repeat about my terrible experience as a shopper. Not that Walmart cares. Walmart has never cared. They are too large an entity to care about meeting customer needs.

If you go back farther in Walmart’s history, they were one of the early corporate adopters of working with the NSA to put out propaganda messages that encouraged Americans to spy on each other and report suspicious activity to the government. What, you don’t remember that? It was disgusting. When we finally achieved high status and brought a Walmart to Socorro, I would do anything to avoid shopping there. I was not going to support a corporation that worked hand-in-hand with the NSA. Now, of course, that’s old news. We’re quite happy to allow the social media networks to bring us propaganda and to censor what US citizens can or can’t say. Libertarians, for some reason, decided this was all good because Muh private business. Did you know that if you post a comment on pederasty or pedophilia, especially when it’s adjacent to the word homosexuality or a relevant synonym, YouTube will pull your comment in less than five minutes? I dare you. Go try it. I guess I’m about to find out how this platform responds….

After watching that video on Cuba, I turned to the daily local news, which I still read sometimes. New Mexico is in a sad state after the last year and a half. I often see articles about the state’s willingness to pay people to go back to work. Today, I read about our farming industry, and their inability to find workers during the pandemic. That means two growing seasons have now been affected by large unemployment checks and a government that pushes fear and lockdowns. Do you know what happens when there are no field workers? Food rots in the field. This creates scarcity, which drives up prices. That, again, is beginning to look like Cuba. A cold chill rose up my spine. Why, I asked myself, is the government giving so much to businesses like restaurants and not supporting farms, which are the most important businesses we have? And then I asked myself what exactly they could do about it besides subsidizing them. That might work, if farm laborers could be bribed back into the fields. But those types of subsidies won’t last forever, so I began imagining the state taking over the farms and forcing people to work them, as in communist Russia — which, unsurprisingly, created famine and starvation, as government officials generally know nothing about running a farm. Meanwhile, though, the government has already caused scarcity without taking over the farms at all. That’s how evil the government is.

Look, I don’t know how to pound this in hard enough: communism isn’t a golden ideal that could be enacted properly to create a better society. Rather, it demonstrates the nature of mankind devoid of God. It’s just one of the ironies of the way humans function. They think they can create a society based on the equality of all humans and the value of their labor, but as soon as they reject God, they instead create a self-serving system of exploitation, starvation, and murder that begets a compounding cycle of scarcity that leads to, yes, more exploitation, starvation, and murder. Change the ideology and remain “secular”, and your results are going to look the same.

How is this possibly connected to Walmart? I don’t know; you tell me. Why does a self-serving, godless corporation go out of its way to encourage people to snitch on each other while actively creating a monopoly where they drive competitors out of business, and then refuse to hire enough labor or order enough supply for their stores? I don’t think Walmart is the beast system. I don’t think they’re the ultimate communist-corporatist-fascist state. No, they are just a glimmer of what our government has been attempting to bring us for years now. And it will only get worse, even if Walmart shuts down half its stores and files for bankruptcy tomorrow…because, ultimately, the communist, Luciferian dream stays alive wherever God is thrown out like so much garbage. Even where there is free trade. Especially where there is free trade because that is simply when exploitation and murder go global.



  1. Yep, human nature is simply fallen. I do think that free trade and self-employment has overall better results than communism but even then, people will break the system.

  2. Well said. Through their deceptive use of euphemisms, like “democracy” and “anti-racism,” these neo-Marxists manipulate the public and further their agenda to take over all our societal institutions. It’s straight out of Gramsci’s playbook on cultural hegemony. Hugo Chavez came in as a moderate for “democracy” before he came into power in Venezuela and destroyed that country’s economy with his Marxist policies.

    What you said here is so important:
    “They think they can create a society based on the equality of all humans and the value of their labor, but as soon as they reject God, they instead create a self-serving system of exploitation, starvation, and murder that begets a compounding cycle of scarcity that leads to, yes, more exploitation, starvation, and murder.”

    Yes, and it’s not like we don’t have endless streams of empirical evidence to prove this point! Anyone who actually thinks Socialism/Communism is a viable solution is totally ignorant of history, and how it’s epically failed 100% of the time where it’s allowed to flourish. It’s very much like a cancer, and we need to see it that way.

    Another point about what you said. At the heart of Marxism is the replacement of Christianity, or any other religion, with the Socialist state. This point is emphasized by all the proponents. I wish Christians who think Socialism is a viable solution would understand this. And, as you said, when you remove God, the irony is that you never end up with a utopian state, but with a nightmarish dystopian tyranny.

    1. Yes, the evidence does not look good for communism. However, the true believers still cling to the idea that it can be done “correctly”. I don’t think I was ever that idealistic even when young.

  3. “Free trade” is an abuse of language; it’s just another way in which the tentacles of godless state actors can operate. That it’s a “private” corporation (another abuse of language) benefitting is irrelevant, since they are practical wards of the state.

    God can’t flip the poles fast enough to get rid of this nonsense.

    1. Free trade is a way of saying “corporations with no allegiance to any country, only to themselves.” I’ve become very jaded over international free trade. Inside the borders? Sure, it should be as free as possible.

  4. Yeah I agree but I sympathize with the people who would rather take a small government handout than go work some menial job stocking Pepsi at Walmart or picking green beans on a million acre bean farm probably owned by the same people who own walmart.

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