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Robots, aliens, science fiction, and a sampling of theology, history, and philosophy: that’s what I like. That’s what you’ll find here.



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  2. Hi Jill Domschot,
    I am Karin I was wondering if I could ask you if you do proofreads etc for a very non writing person. Have written 4 stories so far and wish to see if they are worth the time. Good enough to be published or at least for someone to give time to read and let me know how the story is.. Am 63 years old with no kind of schooling or experience in writing. Just one day did it but my family so far isn’t to keen on the idea of what I would like to try.
    These are the titles I have, if title not correct then can change, along with count of words.
    Kingdom of Shienaery–92,184,, About an lawyer who has a secret of where he is from and no one knows until one day he had to bring his parents to the other world for medical help.
    Brothers–51,922,, Four brothers who were abandoned by both parents and how they survived. Until one person came into their lives.
    Rip–41,550,, Young woman buying her first house then finding out there is a problem with the house that opens a rip in space to another dimension.
    Secrets–94,812,, Young lady who didn’t know her father but ends up inheriting an mansion with all the secrets that comes with her new title.
    I know that there is to be cuts and changes, also first time of writing most likely went into to much words and not printable. I used the Pages off my apple computer in size 12, double space, Time New Romans.
    Sorry if I have talked to long I do want to say thank you for reading this email.
    Karin Perrin

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