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Forced Internet/Computer Break–Say What?

I’m stealing a few moments at the family computer because my net book is busted***(my grammarian children, who are looking over my shoulder, told me that “busted” is improper English. Okay. My computer is doggy poo-poo.*Disapproving glances*) . Yes, that’s right. The battery is dead, and the power cord stopped working. My husband, dear man that he is, immediately ordered me a new, longer lasting battery and a new power cord, but they will have to ship. Meanwhile, I will have little access to a computer, let alone internet because my children use this computer for their home school. My only consolation comes from my accomplishments for the day. I worked hard today to complete a word count of 1000 and wrote above and beyond that, before my cord breathed its last.

Okay, I’m going to read a book, now. I have a glorious gothic romance waiting for me. Sometimes, life must be unplugged. And by that I mean no Twitter, no Facebook, no Blogger or WordPress. Would you believe I have accounts with all of those?! I think God is trying to tell me something . . .

p.s. All the pictures above were done by my daughter, Emmie. Because I’m using the family computer, I thought, what the heck, I’ll steal some of Emmie’s drawings. As you can see, she’s an Irish dancer. Yeah, Irish dancers are a little weird, but I’ve got to live with them. We are an Irish dance family.