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Blogging in Bathtub: Viable Option?

I got stuck in shut-down mode tonight.  So did my computer.  I wanted nothing more than to spend an evening without the monitor’s radiance beaming on my face, but the stupid thing wouldn’t shut off.  Then I remembered it was bloggy-blog evening, in which I try to convince the world I have something relevant to say.  Therefore, shutting down the computer was not the proper decision–forget that I was standing in between my kitchen and office, stuck as stuck could be and longing for nothing but a hot bath and a glass of wine.  Would somebody read me sustaining stories meant for a bear of woman wedged in a tight spot?  I thought not.

So, I ask again: is blogging in the bathtub a viable option?

But maybe somebody would pray for me, a wedged woman in a tight spot?  Here’s a prayer that is simple enough to sustain even me:

The day is past and over,
All thanks, O Lord, to Thee!
O Jesus, keep me in Thy sight
And save me through the coming night.