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Whatever Shall I Do?

I meant what I said on my Female Quixote blog, that I would combine it with my Writing World, that it would be filled with New Mexico and wine and love and Spanish; history and English and poetry and faraway places. My problem is this: I am faraway right now. I’m in a waiting period in my busy life. That is, I’m waiting for many things, but I’m still busily plodding along in my ox-like manner. Meanwhile, I’m agitated and unfocused and having difficulty writing blog posts. What am I waiting for, you ask? I won’t distress you with the particulars of my life. I’ll only tell you that, as far as my writing world, I’m waiting on a full manuscript that I have out with an agent, and I’m waiting for the next piece of magic to inspire me to write a new book, aside from my noir, a new book like the last one that will carry me through a year and a half on continuous writing and revision.

I need a plan; really, I do. I need a good plan, one that I’m able to stick with, lest I lose what little readership I have. I will think on this and try to find a plan that is workable.

Thanks for stopping by.