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Needed: New Summer Schedule

I’ve been working crazily on my sequel and realized that I need a new summer blogging schedule.  After a long, hot day of writing and mothering, I’m too exhausted to post new, exciting articles or stories.  What should I do?  I’m considering quitting my serial book for a few weeks and only posting short, witty messages here and there.  Well, I’m pretty certain I can keep them short.  I’m not so sure about the witty part.  For that handful of dedicated NM Noir readers, will you be terribly distressed if I take a break?  It’s possible that I can change to a Monday and Friday poster, publishing NM Noir on Mondays, as per usual, and posting that whatever-something-funny on Fridays.

In between everything else, I have realized something very important.  I need to do more internet marketing.  This is a tough one for me.  I’m a hermit at heart and, although I like people just fine now and again, I prefer a small group of friends rather than a large one.  Unfortunately, a small group of friends will get me nowhere with internet marketing.  So, I’ve finally gone through and began to follow many of the sites that I read regularly or that I bookmarked months ago.  I’ll also be making a concerted effort at leaving comments on all of these blogs.  If I just started following your blog, and you’ve come to check out mine, WELCOME! 

Lastly, I finally swallowed all of the distaste I’ve had for Twitter and have joined up.  Follow me, I won’t mind.  In fact, I’m overjoyed when I see that someone new is following me.

All right, now I’ve got to get back to my sequel.