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I’ve been editing in one capacity or other for the last fifteen years. This is because I know a lot of writers: from critique groups, an old membership with SWW (SouthWest Writers), a university writing degree, and blogging. I’m also very good at editing. In recent years, my queue has never been empty. Because of that, I’ve decided to go official and offer professional editing services with prices attached.

Following is my fee system.

Fiction or nonfiction 60,000-100,000 words:

  • Full edit (copyedit, line edit, short comprehensive evaluation): $500
  • Proofread: $350
  • Formatting for ebook (epub): $150-$350 (depending on various factors such as number of endnotes and images)
  • Formatting for print (pdf): $350-$500 (depending on various factors such as number of endnotes and images)
  • Final proofread & formatting of either kind: $500

For a work that is fewer than 60,000 words, reduce the above prices by $100. For work that is greater than 100,000 words, add $100. Word count is approximate. Round to the nearest ten- or hundred-thousand.

  • Copyedit: style, punctuation, and word usage
  • Comprehensive: plot
  • Line edit: sentence flow and construction
  • Proofread: final check for typos, spelling errors, or misplaced punctuation

My turnaround time is approximately a week for each type of edit.

Contact me for a sample, or to schedule an edit at jdomschot at msn dot com.

Important Addendum: I can no longer keep up with my one to two week turnover time. This is because too many authors will not give me precise dates for which they will send me their work, nor will they send their work during even the loose time frame they’ve given me. What this means is that I’m receiving unscheduled work, sometimes five books at a time — only to have authors pressure me to get the work done so they can meet a publishing deadline. I don’t know how other editors manage this problem. Personally, I’ve tried to accommodate everybody. After all, I know what it’s like to work two jobs and have a family. I get it. Your writing life is done on the fringes of everything else. But I now have no time for own family. So I’m going to get tough. I will no longer accept your work if you do not give me a precise date (down to the week, not necessarily the exact day) you will send your work. If you don’t meet your deadline, you will be dropped to the bottom of my queue.



  1. Hi Jill,

    How fun to find your blog tonight! Somehow, my search for information on 17th century men’s hats led me here… working on a historical fiction…

    How dandy to encounter you–a freelance author/editor!
    I wish you well–your blog is intriguing & engaging. Perhaps we’ll be in touch sometime?

    Warmest regards,

    Sarah M. Eschweiler

    1. I’m glad to hear you’re writing historical fiction set in the 17th C. I hope I get to read it some day. The Romantic and Victorian eras seem to be the most popular in the publishing world. 🙂

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